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First Results in around 45 Days


Let’s believe in the American Dream

Buy a Home

Starting a Family

Building a business

Getting a new car

Our ability to strive to achieve is one of the things that makes this county great.


DP Business will provide you with the tools and resources necessary to understand

  • The FICO scoring system

  • The Fair Dept Collection Practice Act (Fighting collection agencies)


Our Results are incredible. The goal of DP Business is to Restore America by restoring you who makes America work. If you are hurting financially and cant borrow due to bad credit, our job is to help you regain your rightful place in America.


Credit is a necessary part of the dream, but to often it becomes the proverbial nightmare, preventing people from attaining their goals. Bad credit does more than dash Individual Ideals: It destroys hope.


Good credit is also the key to success. Your credit score and profile is heavily scrutinized in almost every aspect of your life: employment, utility Rates, Insurance cost and interest rates  (for mortgages, auto loans, credit cards and personal loans.) Truly understanding credit and how it can either positively or negatively affect your life is vital in these trying times, more than ever before.

Repair your Personal Credit

Included Services

Complete credit report + Analysis (30 Minute 1 on 1 Credit interview)

Standard Negative Deletions

Basic Clean Up

Six months credit repair consulting (phone and email )

Up to 10 deletions 



Specializing in Incorporating Start-Ups & Existing Businesses

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